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Qualifications of Party B


Qualifications of Party B
1. Legal Co., LTD, the company operates at least five years.
2. It's mainly business line is light & audio, and target market are stage, SHOW, DJ.
3. It's employees are not less than 15 persons.
4. Have sales channel, having customers of professional level who doing the channel distributor like engineering or project, or have 2 or more stores.
5. At least once each year to participate in local exhibitions.
6. Have their own professional technical service after sales personnel, professional engineering and technical personnel, have design ability.
7. The company management operation condition is good, enjoys a good credit, with good capital operation condition.
8. The brand and the quality consciousness is strong, and market competition is not primary on price competition.
9. The purchase amount is requested no less than US $100000 / year for Class C market (mainly refers to the small countries or less developed countries), not less than US $300000 / year for class B market (mainly refers to the medium countries or economic general developed countries), not less than US $600000 / year for class A market (mainly refers to the big countries or economic very developed countries), and sales increase each year is no lower than 10% .
10. Can accept Nightsun brand or can let Nightsun brand and your own brand use together.
11. Have the experience of importing lighting & audio equipments from China, and purchasing the products belongs to upscale product.
Support policies provided for Party B
12. Enjoys the representative prices, A class prices, B class prices, C class prices accordingly.
13. Be the sole representative of Nightsun in your market.
14. The Party A will provide 1% of the total value's spare parts in each order freely, if more than 1%, the party B need pay 50% for the spare parts.
15. Party A has the duty to use not less than 1% of last year's turnover to give marketing support to Party B in next year (for example, the party A will provide Catalogues, Promotional gifts, International Advertising, Onsite training and Home repair service to the Party B).
16. Other uniform agent support policy.
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