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GM095 Quartz DMX Controller
Dimension size: 425×466×194mm
N.W: 8kg
G.W: 18kg

Choose from i5 quad generation processor or i3 quad generation processor, Kingston 60G solid state drive, 4G running memory, 90 minutes ups power supply. Support Chinese menu display, and built-in multi-language; encoder adopts beauty
1. Built-in 4 DMX output ports, 2048 channels; (DMX output seat uses original Swiss twisted seat)
2. Support graffiti handwriting naming function
3. Built-in pixel mapping and graphics generator
4. Folder Chinese function. Chinese and English can be switched at will
5. Support Art-net network output, which can be extended to 12 Universe DMX outputs through the network;
6. Support Titan-net protocol, can be extended to 64 Universe DMX output
7.10 mechanical page flip playback faders; 20 custom macro function buttons
8. Expandable Titan Fader wing (replay auxiliary station, 20 playback faders, 30 custom macro functions, USB powered)
9. Support headphone output (Headphone)
10.1 Gigabit network interface supporting Art-net, Titan-net, Streaming CAN protocol
Compatible with other TITAN system console performance files

Display case
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