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GM094 ET2048 DMX Controller
Power supply: AC110-240V,50/60Hz
Power consumption: 20W
Dimension size: 615×450×150mm
Packing size: 620x450x150mm
G.W: 11.6kg
2048 DMX channels, DMX512/1990 standard, Output port with optical isolated.
Up to 240 intelligent Fixtures or 240 Dimmer/LED can be connected.
Up to 42 channels each Fixture. Fixture Library mode, “R20” Fixture Library compatible.
600 Playback programs. 60 Scenes can be overlapped and output, under flash or latch
SHAPE is provided to control such effects as circles, lines and dimmer effect, etc.
Playback trigger mode selectable: Auto1, Auto2, Music synchronous.
One key “Light Show” is achievable, up to 30 light shows can be saved and used.
MIDI port is provided to connect consoles in parallel and receive MIDI code to run
“Light Show”.
USB port is provided. USB-disk can record the data of controller, Controller can be
upgraded through the USB port.
LCD display with backlight.
12V accessory operate light (OPTIONAL).
Display case
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