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LED flood lightuses ingenious design. It has RGB dimmer and color mix function as traditionalflood light, but also has dynamic picture running automatically. It has highpower LED with moon flower effect at the both sides. It uses constant currentdriver, which makes the LED with long working time and uniform brightness. Makethe use of the theory that RGB basic color to make multicolor and dependentlight point on the screen, it can create many auto effects. Under DMX controlmodel, it can change the color and effect quickly. And built-in program is alsoavailable.

Vivid colorchanging and dynamic light beam effect

Power supply:AC100-240V

Frequency: 50/60Hz

Power consumption:26W

Light source:(wash LED in the middle) φ5*144pcs(R48,G48,B48 ,dimmer: 0-255) ;(effect LED)1*3W White left and 1*3W White right

Patterns: 255kinds of pattern (animation or fixed), can adjust dimmer, color change, fade,strobe, strobe duty cycle, run speed, run direction

DMX Channels:18channels

Controls: DMX ,Master/Slave, Sound active, auto(built-in 8 programmers +7 sound activationscenes +color strobe and fade)

Feature: Multieffect, Long life, high safety performance and wide working voltage

Application: Dancehall, Disco, KTV, Party, Club etc

Dimension size:490.2 x121 x107.2 mm

N.W: 3.3 kg

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