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HSA620 LED Crystal Magic Ball

PowerSupply: Adapter (input AC100-240V, 50/60Hz; output 12V, 4A)
Powerconsumption: 45W
Lightsource: 3×10W (R1,G1, B1) LEDs
Lifetime: 60,000 hours
Beamangle: 150°
Controlpanel: 4 LCD tube + 4 press button
Controlmode: Sound activation, Auto, master-slave, DMX512
DMXchannel: 9 channels
DMXconnector: 2 × Rj45 (input and output)
Dimmer:  0-100% linearly adjustable
Flash: Flash speed up to 20 times/sec
Workingenvironment temperature: up to 40 ° C
Protectionrate: IP20
Material:fireproof ABS plastic, white machine
Holesize: 210mm standard circle,
Ceilingreserve height: 230mm, head exposed height: 60mm
Dimensionsize: 210 × 176 × 265mm
Packingsize: 230 × 230 × 345mm
Netweight: 1.3kg
Grossweight: 2.2kg
Features:high power LED lighting, private mode condenser lens.
Temperaturecontrol, effectively reduce the working noise, extend the service life of thefan and 
the service life of the light source.
Itcan be mounted on the ceiling with SRM601 ceiling buckle.

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