KPK325D 150W LED Projection Waterwave Light
Power supply:AC90-240V,50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption:150W
Electric strength:1.5KV
Insulation resistance:>2MΩ
Ambient temperature:-35℃ to 40℃
Light source specifications:LED high integration 100W
Color rendering index:90 min. 
Light source color temperature:7500K
Illumination:1350LUX(default illumination distance 5 meters)
Light angle:36°/ 45°optional
Number of channels: 6 Channel
Strobe speed: 1-32Hz regular and effect strobe
Data connection: 3p-XLR/input/output
Additional features: light source overheat / overcurrent / overvoltage protection.
Cooling system: air cooling + aluminum housing cooling
Protection rate:IP65

Control signal: international standard DMX512 signal            

Control mode: DMX512 / stand-alone mode / automatic control / static mode

Automatic mode: Single-machine self-programming does not require a controller. 

The effect program can be edited on the display panel of the fixture as needed. After saving,

it can be self-memorized and can be synchronized by master/slave.

Dimming function: 0-100% subdivision 256×256 frames, smooth delay light collection 

curve / instant light collection



Display case
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