SI102 is flight case design. It has more powerful functions and better meet 
the requirements of professional stage designer. It'll be the notable addition 
to your stage and greatly lower the maintain cost. SI102 can cause more visual 
inspiration and passion of audience.                                           

1. Quiet. The working noise is lower than 70db which's suitable for shotting 
occasion with high requirements.                  
2. Ultra-long and sustaining working time.                              
3. Producing dry, even, refined smoke without vestigital.       
4. Ultra-low oil consumption, 1L fog fluid can be used for 20hours.            
5. With adjustable fan both of angle and speed.                                

6. Professional leak proof bottle, no leakage when transport.  

Voltage used:AC100-127V,60Hz / AC220-240V,50Hz
Current-limited safety device:250V/5A
Pre-heating time: without preheating
Oil-consumption:200min/L(30%) , 120min/L(100%)
Smoke output:3000Cu ft/min
Capacity of oil tank:2.5L
Fan  angle:Support
Switching machine:Support DMX 1 
Adjust the wind speed:Support DMX 2
LCD Control: Support

Dimension size:495×370×390mm  
Gross weight:32.5kg

Display case
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