SI103 is a professional machine with high quality smoke output and human-
oriented design. Differ from traditional hazer machine, it no longer needs 
heating system or oil pump supplying system. It can produce a large amount of 
translucent haze quickly and quietly coordinate with SR005 professional oil 
hazer fluid without pre-heating. The hazer will be well-distributed in the air 
rapidly, lasting for a long time and increasing the light saturation. With 
wireless controller it can continuously work for a long time so that user 
wouldn't be busy with turing the machine on and off. It can be used in each 
high-end performing occasions and pub.                                   

1. Silence. Low noise.                                          
2. Dry and thin smoke, diffuse fast.                           
3. Long-life, plug and play without heating.                     
4.Professional leak proof bottle, no leakage when transport.                   
5. Ultra-low oil consumption, 1L smoke fluid can be used for 30 hours.   

Voltage used:AC100-127V,60Hz / AC220-240V,50Hz
Current-limited safety device:250V/5A
Pre-heating time:without preheating
Oil-consumption :200min/L(30%)  ,120min/L(100%)
Smoke output:2800Cu ft/min
Capacity of oil tank:2.5L
Switching machine:DMX 1 
Wireless Controller:Support 
Gross weight:18.5kg

Packaging volume(mm):500*320*246

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