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HSB995 Full-color Animation Laser

PowerSupply: Input AC100-240V, 50-60Hz

Powerconnector: Swiss plug power socket, input and output

Powerconsumption: 45W

Lasersource: 5000mW (RGB 3 in1 )

Modulationmode: analog modulation

Lifetime: 10,000 hours

Scanningsystem: 35K scanning speed, ±20°

Controlpanel: touch screen with SD card connector (SD card is optional)

Controls:Sound activation, Auto, DMX512, SD card

DMXchannel: 16 channels

DMXconnector: 2 × Rj45 (input and output), 2 × XLR (input and output)

ILDAconnector: input and output

Workingenvironment temperature: up to 40 ° C

Protectionrate: IP20

Material:fire-proof ABS plastic, white housing

Dimensionsize: 273 × 301 × 362mm

Holesize: 350mm standard circle, ceiling reserved height: 300mm



Display case
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