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HCW820 Time Program Controller
The control mode: through the RS485 bus or TCP/IP LAN remote 
control switch room,Can also through the manual button panel or 
external mechanical switch control switch.
Security: the over current electric leakage protection switch 
power input end, effectively improve the safety of the electricity 
equipment and personnel.
Switch control: 8 pcs 220 v/AC three core power socket, 
single-channel control power 2000 w,One pcs 220 v/AC three core 
power socket regular power supply
The sequential control: dial the code switch set ID, local area 
network remote control on/off timing channel
Emergency control: open/close all channels directly
Security: leakage protection air switch, effectively improve the 
safety of the electricity equipment and personnel
External mechanical switch: 4 p phoenix socket, wire control 
mode on/off timing channel status
The computer window: Db9 interface, software burn and serial control
N - LINK port: RJ45 interface, RS485 bus interconnection and products, 
 to open/close timing channel 10.
TCP/IP port: RJ45 interface, set the channel switch delay time 
and enabled,Local area network communication control 
opening/closing sequence channel, ID through the dial the code 
switch Settings (PC control, the router automatically assign IP 
addresses, network segment 192.168.1)
Voltage input/job: AC ~ 220V ,50/60Hz
Total power capacity: 6600, impedance load
Power consumption: 12 W or less
Switch control switch control: 8 road, often opened 1 road.
High voltage output: standard generalized three core outlet, control 
power 2000 W
LED display: display check in/off road and 8 channels open/closed

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