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SPB518 Moving Head 120W
Power supply : AC 100 ~240V, 50/60Hz
Power: 160W
Light source: 1PC*120W LED
Beam angle: 11-18 degrees manual adjustment 
Channel mode: 15 / 18 channels 
Control mode: DMX512, RDM, Sound Activity, Master-slave
Software upgrade: update software through DMX connection                            
Pattern: 6 patterns + white, can be bi-directional rainbow effect 
Color: 6 colors + white, can be bi-directional rainbow effect 
Prism: 3 prism can be bi-directional rotation 
Pan/Tilt: 540 ° / 260 °
Precision: 16 bit precision scanning                                                

Display: LED color display

Protection rate: IP20
Display case
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