KPC040C LED PAR Light(white)
Input voltage: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Power and current (120V/60Hz): 104W, @120V, 60Hz
Power and current (240V/50Hz): 102W, @230V, 50Hz
Light source: 14 LED RGBW (white light) 8W                            
Total luminous flux: 2381.67 lm Peak light intensity: 24945 cd
Lens angle: 15°                                             Dimming: Electronic dimming                                       
Strobe: Electronic strobe                                Strobe speed: 0 to 20 Hz
Built-in color temperature: 2000 - 8000K Built-in mixed color, built-in self-propelled mode 
Dimming mode: 2 kinds                                 Control protocol: DMX512, RDM
DMX channel: 4/ 6/ 7/11/HSV/HSI 4-button operation panel LCD display
Power input: Seetronic PowerkCON IP65          Power output: Seetronic PowerkCON IP65
Signal connection: 5-core XLR                         Power cord length: 1.2 m                                        
Protection level: IP65 Ambient temperature: -20 ° C - 40 ° C
Dimension size: 260 x 180 x 290 mm               Net Weight: 3.8kg
Appearance color: Black                                  Outer material: Die-cast aluminum                                 
Cooling: Fan cooling                                                  
White balance function: White light correction technology, RGBW white light balance
Color management system: intelligently manage color consistency
Automatically adjust the mute function: automatically adjust the fan speed according to the body temperature
Display reverse function: When hanging upside down, the display content can be manually set up
Use time display function: can clearly display the usage time of the lamp body
Temperature display function: internal temperature display of the body to guide the correct application
Software upgrade function: can be programmed by the signal line free download machine
Frequency refresh function: 600-4800Hz refresh, recording does not flash
RGB manual correction function: arbitrarily adjust the chromaticity ratio of RGB
HSV/HSI color gamut mode: special color gamut mode, more flexible color modulation
RDM two-way transmission: remote lighting information management and fault detection
Monochrome brightness intelligent enhancement function:  exceed the conventional current and enhance 
the monochrome brightness
Internal fault self-test function: When intelligent microcomputer self-test, the display shows self-test information
Intelligent correction function: factory calibration color, manual calibration color, original mode

Display case
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