GA500 Waterproof Moving Head Beam Light
Power supply:AC100V~240V±10%,50Hz/60Hz,
Power consumption:500W
Bulb light source:OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 371W S

Color temperature:8500K,                                            

Bulb's life time:1500h

DMX channel:16/21 international standard DMX channels     

Control mode:international standard DMX, master-slave mode

Display: LCD LCD display, touch screen + knob control, built-in Chinese and English 

display interface switching, intelligent 180° flip inverted.

Gobo plate:14 gobo+white light,with gobo water, jitter effect.

color plate:13 colors+7 colors+white light;half color、 two-way flow, color 

conversion and rainbow effect.

Prism: An 8 prism can be rotated clockwise or anti-clockwise for two-way rotation,

fast/slow optional

Pan:540°, resolution 8Bit/16Bit,
Tilt:270°,resolution 8Bit/16Bit,
Focusing: electronic focusing, ultra-smooth adjustment of focal length
Atomization: 0% to 100% uniform soft light atomization effect
Strobe: two-chip strobe, strobe speed 0.3~13 times/second
Protection rate:IP55 
Working environment temperature:-20°C~50°C
Appearance: Injection molding of alloy corrosion-resistant engineering plastics
Product weight:24.1KG

Display case
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