KPK430A 350W LED Projection Gobo Light
Power supply: AC 110~240V 50/60Hz
Power consumption: 370W
Power factor: >0.93                                                    
Insulation resistance: Greater than 2MΩ
Leakage current: less than 10mA
ESD protection: IEC61000-4
Power output: 500W , two-way output,62V/5.5A, 28V/6A
Electrical safety level: Class I
Light source power consumption: 300w
CRI: Ra greater than 70 or equal to 70
Color temperature: 7000K
Light source life time: >20000h                                
Beam angle: 11°~46°
Dimming: 0~100% linear dimming
Color system: 7 colors + white light,clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation,double rainbow effect
Gobo plate: 1 rotation Gobo plate (Gobo optional) + white light,clockwise or anti-closkwise rotation+jitter
Focusing: electronic zoom
Zoom in: electronic zoom
Strobe function: 1~25 times/second
Prism: a triangular prism,clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation,adjustable speed
Channel mode: 10 DMX channels
Control mode: Auto,master-slave,DMX512, RDM, scene
Temperature control system: intelligent temperature control system, monitoring and 
automatic temperature adjustment          
Dimension: 470x323x440mm                                         
Packing size: 630x405x345mm
N.W: 20.5kg     
G.W: 22.5kg
Signal connection: three-pin jack
Menu display: LCD display                                      
Working temperature: -25℃~50℃
Housing material: high-strength steel + UV-resistant spray     
Protection rate: IP65

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