KPK720 2000W LED Projection Light
Light source: CREE LED 2000W
Voltage: AC220V / 50-60Hz
Power supply: 2000W
Light flux: 110000Lm
Light source life: 20000h +
Color temperature: 7000K
CRI: > 95
Best throwing distance: 5-80m
The best projection area: 10-500㎡
Control: Built-in program self-control / standard USITT,
DMX512 communication protocol sets the single-sheet dwell
time through the digital control panel, automatically switches
on and off, and runs automatically. Multiple units can be
synchronized to film and run.
Operating standard: GB4943.1-2011
Protection level: IP54
Condensing lens: F-340 2: 1
Film production: single frame 18 × 18cm full-color translucent film, 1-30 sheets
Working environment temperature: -25 ℃ ~ 45 ℃
Working environment humidity: 0- 80% (no condensation)
Dimension: 105 × 58 × 61cm
Weight: 70kg
Display case
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