KPK580A 1000W Pattern light
Power supply: AC110-240V   50/60Hz
Power consumption: 1000W (1200W optional)
LED source: 800W LED module
Electrical strength: 1.5KV
Insulation resistance: > 2m Ω
Color temperature: 7600K ±600
Light flux: 61500 lm
CRI > 72 (higher CRI is optional)
Safety grade of electrical appliances: class I
Color plate: 7 colors + white (customizable),Color function: forward rotation, inversion, rainbow water, adjustable speed
Pattern plate: 2×(6+1) rotating pattern plates with rotation
Pattern rotation: forward rotation, inversion, pattern fixed point, adjustable speed
Focus: linear focus
Optical angle: 5.5°- 50°(linear zoom)
Control protocols: DMX512, RDM
Data connection: 3p-XLR input / output IP67 waterproof power supply and signal connector, anti-UV core material
Channels: 18CH
Control mode: DMX512/ manual control / auto mode / offline mode
Automatic mode: single machine self-programming does not need console, according to the need to edit the effect program on the display board, save after independent memory, master / slave online synchronous operation.
LCD screen, easy to control and view all kinds of lighting information
Fixture Protection: full fixture structural Waterproof IP65
Built in temperature control function, when the light source is overheated, the output power of the light source can be reduced intelligently.
Multiple light projections can be spliced
Installation mode: vertical hanging, inverted hanging
Heat dissipation mode: heat pipe radiator + fan heat dissipation
Shell material: die casting aluminum and profile aluminum
Light body color: dark gray coating, customizable other colors
Working environment:-30℃ ~ 45℃
Product size: 550×466×489mm
N.W: 42kg 
Display case
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