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Power supply:AC100V-240V,50/60Hz
Power consumption: 350W
Light source: LED230W + 30pcs 5050 LED stripe
Color temperature: 7500K
Life time: 20000 hours
Control mode: Auto, Master-slave, DMX, voice-activated
DMX channel: 19CHs
BEAM: 2.5°
SPOT: 2.5-30°
WASH: 7-30°
Gobo wheel:1 fixed gobo wheel, 9 fixed gobos + white, each gobo has jitter effect, gobo wheel with forward and backward in fast and slow flow effect
Rotate gobo wheel : 1 rotate gobo wheel with 6 rotatable gobos + white, each gobo has shaking effect, and the gobo wheel has forward and reverse fast and slow flowing effect
Color wheel:1 color wheel, 9 colors + white, each color can do half-color effect with adjacent color, can flow quickly and slowly in both directions
Rainbow wheel: built-in 1 colorful color plate, can be built into a dazzling rainbow effect.
Prism: 8 prism +16 prism, unique double prism design, can be combined with each other or single fast or slow rotation, resulting in a special multi-beam effect.
Pan: 540°, 16Bit
Tilt: 270°, 16Bit
Automatic error correction: optoelectronic reset system is used pan and tilt, and reset can be automatically searched for accidental collision error
Stroboscopic: Electronic stroboscope, stroboscopic frequency is 1-14 times per second, stroboscopic frequency speed can be adjusted at will
Focusing: 0% -100% electronic linear focusing, super smooth adjustment focal length
Atomization: 0% -100% can be soft atomization effect
Appearance material: injection molding with high temperature and fire resistant engineering plastic.
Protection rate: IP20
Working environment: -20 °C to 45 °C
Product Size:23x31.5x48.9cm
Packing size: 41x37.5x53cm
N.W: 12kg


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