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KPD080B Waterproof Multifunctional Pixel Strobe
LED Waterproof Multi-function Project light
Power supply:AC100-240V,50/60Hz
Power consumption:400W
Light Source:800×0.5W RGB (RGB 3in 1) LEDs
Beam angle: 135°
Center of illuminance: ≥5750Lux/1 meters (R/G/B/W under the full bright state)
Control mode:, Auto, DMX, Master/Slave, Wireless
DMX channels: 6/8/40/44CH
Macro light bead subsection control: Each group of lights can control independently。Can be divided into 10 largest segment, separate control, different colors of water, monkey, camp rainbow color mixture function.
Effect of color mixing: 8Bit PWM, RGBW  Linear color mixing,16.7 million kind of color (0-100% saturation is adjustable)
Dimmer:0-100% Independent electronic linear dimming, 8Bit PWM Curve move light mode
"LCD Display Menu: stored Subprogram, Various scenarios mode can be called directly,  Built-in macro function"
Strobe: Electronic strobe,  random flash optional
"Cover:  Using high purity die casting aluminum alloy die-casting molding, aluminum material is used for heat dissipation, high thermal conductivity, heat dissipation performance is stable"
Protection rating:  IP65
N.W: 13.5Kg
Dimension :  560×220×324 mm
Packing size:  590×290×420 mm

Display case
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