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GA043 1200W Moving Head Spot

GA043 is a 1200Wclassic Moving Head Spot which has powerful functions, excellent beam effects and perfect design. Two colorwheels and two gobo wheels combined with high-speed flash function can createunlimited dynamic pattern effect, which is equipped with semi-color switch andhas rainbow function to create a dazzling rich color effects.

Suitable for:Large and medium-sized entertainment occasions such as Bar, Disc club, showbar; auditorium, multi-purpose hall, banquet hall and others small ormedium-sized performing places.


Ⅰ. Light Source 

Lamp type:HMI 1200Wshort arc JENBO lamp

Typical lumenmaintenance rate:70% @ 750 hours

Ⅱ. Optical Effects

Beam angle:11~18°

Color temperature:6000K

Dimming:High-precision 0 ~ 100% linear dimming

Colors: Two colorwheels 7colors+white, with high-speed semi-color switch and rainbow function tocreate a dazzling rich color effects.

Ⅲ. Electrical parameters

Power supply: AC200-240V,50/60Hz

Power consumption:1500 W

Ⅳ. Mechanical parameters

Length:500 mm ( 19.7" )

Width:400 mm ( 15.7")

Height:740 mm ( 29.1")

Packing size:590×470×850 mm

N.W:51 kg

G.W:78 kg

Ⅴ. Temperature characteristics

WorkingEnvironment:up to 40℃

Temperatureprotection:overheating protection function

Ⅵ. Light Control

Display: LCDdisplay

Channel: 20 DMXchannels

Strobe:1 ~ 12 times strobe effect / second.

Dimmer:0~100% Electronic linear dimming function

Rotation:Pan 540° Tilt 270°

With 8-bit and 16-bitrotation accuracy, precise positioning, rotation speed adjustable .

Remote resetfunction

Ⅶ. Safetyand appearance

Housing:Fiber-reinforced composites , anti-ultraviolet (UV) 

Protection rate:IP20

Display case

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