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GPB611/GPB618 LED Spot Light
Input power: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Power: GPB611:850W
Display: LCD display touch screen
Signal input / output: 3 pins / 5 pins XLR head / mesh socket
Power socket: PowerCon input
Light source: GPB611:700W LED module
GPB618: 850W LED module
Color temperature: 8000K
Control mode: DMX512, RDM, wireless function (optional)
Channel: 32 channels
Software upgrade: update software via DMX connection
Pan: 540 ° 
Tilt: 270 °
Pan/Tilt precision: 16bit precision scanning, magnetic induction positioning system, which can accurately 
and automatically correct pan/tilt position
Fixed lock: tilt lock
Linear focusing system, zoom range: 6 ° ~ 43 °
CMY color mixing + CTO color temperature correction
0-100% smooth dimming
Color wheel: 1 color wheel, 6 fixed colors plus white
Pattern wheel: 1 fixed pattern wheel, 8 patterns with white circle ; 
                      1 rotating pattern wheel: 6 patterns with white circle,easy to replace
Pattern outer diameter: 36mm
Inner diameter of pattern plate: 22mm
Equipped with bidirectional rotating prism
Independent atomization effect
Mechanical linear aperture
Multi speed stroboscopic effect
Four gratings realize fast and smooth cutting, and the cutting direction and angle of each grating 
can be controlled independently;The whole cutting module can rotate 90 °
Size: 309x480x888.5mm
Net weight: 45kg
IP: IP20
700W/850W LED module light source is a professional 4 in 1 computer moving head lights which 
integrates four functions of light beam, wash, Spot and cutting. Because of its pure color, uniform 
light spot, high output, strong penetration,stable function and accurate pan and tilt position, 
it can meet the performance needs of TV programs, concerts, large-scale sports games opening 
and closing ceremonies at the same time.

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