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KA550 550W Waterproof Moving Head Beam Light
Power supply: AC100V-240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Light source: OSRAM 550W lamp
Power consumption: 800W
Light source life: 1500H
Color temperature: 7700K
Channel mode: 16/21H
Control mode:  DMX 512, master-slave mode
Beam angle: 1.2 degrees
Display screen:  LCD display, touch screen control, more user-friendly and convenient operation process, built-in Chinese and English display interface switching, intelligent 180 degree flip upside down.
Color: 14+white with half color rainbow effect
Pattern: 14+white pattern with shake and flowing water effect
Prism: 8 prisms, 16 prisms, and honeycomb prisms. Optional light effects can be reversed
Rotate pattern wheel: 9+white can be rotated independently
Stroboscopic: Double chip stroboscopic (0.3-13 times/second)
Atomization: 0-100% linear atomization effect
Scanning range: Pan 540 degrees ,Tilt 270 degrees (resolution: 8Bit/16Bit)
Fan control: fan adaptive intelligent control
Automatic error correction: photoelectric reset system is used for both horizontal and vertical positions, and automatic retrieval and reset can be performed if there is an occasional error
Bubble Point System: Designed as a remote bulb control system, it can remotely and intelligently control the brightness and closing of the bulb through the console, effectively extending the service life of the bulb
Over temperature protection: temperature intelligent protection
Heat conduction method: Heat dissipation and auxiliary heat dissipation using aluminum alloy, with high thermal conductivity and stable heat dissipation performance.
Lamp hook: integrated with lamp hook
Protection grade: IP65
Housing: All aluminum housing
Product dimension: 363.6 x 431 x 826mm
Packing size:895x530x1200mm(Fly Case 2PCS/CTN)
N W: 49.5Kg

G W :77kg(Fly Case 2PCS/CTN)

Fixed disk、color chip disk、 moving disk

Display case
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